If you have dark circles and eyebags, this is what is happening to your body!

Posted by on 3/29/2017

Eye Circles and Eye Bags can be annoying and unsightly on the outer appearance of one.

As we are already know, most under eye bags or discolouration are merely a sign of short term issues, such as raging, lack of sleep or natural environment condition.

However, they can also serve as a warning signal your body is trying to tell you!

Read on to find out what are the 3 signs your body maybe trying to tell you and how to test if you have them.

First of all, we need to understand that the under eyes may be one of the only external signs of internal health issues, hence we need to pay close attention to them.

While, eye bags and eye circles are primarily aesthetic and one shouldn’t be too alarm, continual discolouration of the under eye and persistent puffiness over time is a signal your body is highlighting to you!

So here are the 3 possible condition your body is facing and showing external on your under eye.


As stated above, poor blood circulation can be one of the culprit for dark circles and eyebags.

Test: To find out if your dark circles are an issue of slow blood flow, try pushing gently against the skin there.  If the area looks lighter when you take your finger away then slowly darkens again after a second or two, the cause is most likely related to circulation.


Skin inflammation due to particular foods may cause allergy that cause eye circles. The culprit can be anything from dairy to added preservatives.

Test: Go on a Gluten free diet and see if there are any changes on the appearance of your under eyes, if there are changes to it, most probably it is because of the food that you eat and start avoiding them.

Iron Deficiency

While dark circles alone don’t indicate iron deficiency, also known as anemia.

If you’re experiencing other symptoms like fatigue, frequent colds and dizziness along with dark under eye circles, you need to get your iron levels checked with a complete blood count. The connection between under eye circles and iron deficiency lies in your bodies ability to carry oxygen to your cells; if your iron levels drop too low, your body’s ability to create hemoglobin is comprised. The result? Under eye discoloration due to a lack of blood flow! Remember the GOLDEN RULE still applies that if if the problem persist, it is best to see a doctor.

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