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About Us


Envie De Neuf is French meaning "Envy's New". The creation of Envie De Neuf Cosmetics (EDN) derives from our understanding that everyone is searching for youthful beauty. Not content with merely keeping your skin in its existing condition, we want to help you regain and obtain the best possible, non-stop beauty for your skin and body. With EDN, prolonged youth and beauty is not just a dream - it's a reality!

EDN incorporate the latest advancements in anti-aging technology from Europe, Japan and the United States to give you the most effective skin care treatments available. With solutions focused on the signs of aging, like fine lines, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation and loss of elasticity, EDN ensures each of our products is formulated to activate skin cells, promote clarity of skin tone, contour the face and condition the skin.
Our Mission & Target

Extensive Research and Adoption of Biotechnology Skincare Practices

Cooperating with advanced biotechnology laboratories worldwide, Envie De Neuf continues to find the latest innovations and formulations in skincare products and solutions addressing the most important skin concerns - perfection of skin condition and prolongation of skin youth
Continuous Ingredient Development and Sourcing
Envie De Neuf's mission is a commitment to provide the highest quality, efficiency-based skin care products available. Comprehensive research and sourcing is carried out for pure active ingredients developed through biotechnology. Bio-advanced, innovative, sustainable and safe ingredients combine to work in synergy and produce potent formulas.
Commitment to Safety and Quality
Consumer safety is one of the most important aspects we pay utmost attention to throughout the product development cycle. As a member of Personal Care Product Council (formerly known as the Cosmetic, Toiletry, and Fragrance Association), we follow attentively updated technical resources and information, regulations, ingredient reviews for cosmetic products addressed by authority industry programs, and organizations established to support the FDA's regulatory work.
Benefit and Results Targeted Treatment
Envie De Neuf distributes benefit, result-targeted skincare products for the face, eyes and body. We are dedicated to finding and developing truly effective, high-performing products of excellence that enhance and perfect the skin's look.

>> 4C Value of Skin Care 

Envie De Neuf is dedicated to the research of skin and helping defy the skin-aging process. Formulations combining potent ingredients of biotechnology and efficacy help the skin to recruit its new 4C youth value: Cellular ActivationClarityContouring, and Conditioning 

>> 4R Outcome of Skin Beauty 

Envie De Neuf focuses on developing targeted treatments for beautiful and vibrant skin, helping solve common skin problems and to recruit skin's 4R beauty outcomes that we all long to have: RecoveryRejuvenationResilience and Radiance.