GIGA Bright Grapeseed +EGF set RP$281
GIGA Bright Grapeseed +EGF set RP$281

GIGA Bright Whitening+EGF set RP$281

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Giga-Bright Whitening Toner 200ml RP$87
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Giga-Bright Whitening Crystal Gel 50ml RP$87
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EFG Clearlight Night Essence/6ml RP$30
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This set comprises of:
1) Giga-Bright Whitening Toner 200ml
2) Grape Seed Vivifiante Face Wash 100ml
3) Giga-Bright Whitening Crystal Gel 50ml
4) EGF Clearlight Night Essence 6ml

Uneven skin tone or discoloration (also known as hyperpigmentation, age, brown, or sun spots) is one of today’s most frustrating skin concerns. Generally a sign of skin damage due to aging or sun exposure, it can also be caused by hyperpigmentation, trauma from acne scarring or blotchiness from irritation. Genetics also play a role in how susceptible you are to developing age spots.

As today’s population matures, skin tone and pigmentation issues have become more widespread. The following Envie De Neuf products contain powerful antioxidants and natural extracts, such as Vitamin C, to naturally and effectively even your skin tone, fade dark patches and brighten your complexion. This set consisted of a blend of five potent, radiance-boosting actives Rumex Occidentalis Extract, Ascorbic Acid, Alpha-Arbutin, Ascorbyl Glucoside and Nonapeptide-1 with a sublime texture, this gel is formulated to fade unwanted discoloration, spots, blotching and uneven skin tone and encourage a smooth, evenly luminous complexion.

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