Thalasso-Decompress Eye Mask + Eye Essence Wand

Thalasso-Decompress Eye Mask + Eye Essence Wand

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This set comprises of:

1) Thalasso-Decompress Eye Mask 8ml/50pc X 1

2) Micro-Vibration Intensive Vitalizing Eye Essence Wand 10ml X 1

Thalasso-Decompress Eye Mask

A Cooling, Hydrating Eye Mask Freshly Resets The Eyes In One Go. Fabulous Formula With Algae And Coral Weed Extracts, Multiple Botanical Compound Of Cucumber, White Tea And Sea Mayweed Extracts And Fascinating Deep-Sea Micro-Organism Abyssine 657 To Infuse The Eye Areas With Concentrated Doses Of High Powered Ingredients For An Instantly Refreshing And Nourishing Look. Dramatically Decompresses, Tones Tired Eyes To Be Rested-Looking, Eyelids Lighter And Brighter And Sensationally Stress-Free. Freshen Up The Eyes As Like You Just Wake Up After Eight Hour Of Sleep.

Use After Cleansing And Toning. Apply The Mask Directly To The Eye Area, Covering The Whole Eyelids. Close Your Eyes And Let The Mask Work For 10 ~ 15 Minutes To Provide Its Magical Refreshing Relief, Then Remove And Discard The Mask. Use 1 To 2 Times A Week, Or As Needed When Eyes Need An Immediate Pick-Me-Up.

For All Skin Types. Delicate Or Sensitive Skin Types, Please Do A Patch Test Before First Use.


- Cucumber: Hydrating And Soothing
- White Tea And Sea Mayweed Extracts: Power Antioxidant

- Deep-Sea Micro-Organism Abyssine 657: To Infuse the Eye Areas with Concentrated Doses of High Powered Ingredients for an Instantly Refreshing and Nourishing Look

Micro-Vibration Intensive Vitalizing Eye Essence Wand

Formulated with a series of potent ingredients featuring Ceramide complex, a derivative of flavonoid Hesperidin, Caffeine and two precious algae extracts—Aphanizomen Flos Aquae and Dunaliella Salina, this eye serum works synergistically to help repair visible damage around the eyes on six levels : moisturizing, smoothing wrinkles and fine lines, de-puffing, brightening, improving natural circulation, promoting a protective barrier.

Innovative metal roller ball wand coupled with micro-vibrating massage technique cools upon contact, distributes skin circulation build-up and helps full absorption of the nutrients.

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