Vitalcrystal Liquefaction C/5g x 2 bottles

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Vitalcrystal Liquefaction C/5g x 2 bottles
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Comprises Of:
1) Vitacrystal Liquefaction C/5g x 2
2) Platinum Cellwhite Hydromask/30ml X10 (OOS) or Hyaluronic Acid Whitening Hydromask/30ml X10

Vitacrystal Liquefaction C uses the revolutionary mirco-capsule wrapping technology, vitamin C powder wraps high concentration of fresh Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate and Squalane completely, creating a stabilized formula that has long shelf-time. When applied, the powder will miraculously turn into a cream texture, releasing the most effective vitamin C active ingredients to the depth of the skin; maximizing the whitening effect for even the dullest complexion.

Furthermore, the epidermis needs five times more vitamin C than the dermis, hence vitamin C is more effective applied than ingested in terms of skincare.
Due to its unique powder-cream technology, this product can be used solely, or combined with other moisturizing, anti-aging or anti-wrinkle products.

After using the face mask, apply adequate amount to face after toner. Followed by EGF Clearlight Night Essence and Fullerene C60 Youth Recruit Complex. (Apply sunscreen during the day) A skin-brightening mask that also reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Boost collagen production, improve skin’s elasticity, regenerate the skin, improve dullness and discolorations and help nutrients penetrate the skin using colloidal platinum. Hence, transforming your skin back to its youthful state! 

- Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate (2%) :Antioxidant that can result in flawless skin. Prevents melanin synthesis and smooth turnover for black spots, no more pigmentation on the surface of the skin. Heals minor scars. Stimulates skin cells to lighten spots and reduce the appearance of fine lines.
- Squalane:Provides cells with oxygen, acts as an antioxidant to repair skin; keeps skin moisturized and smooth. Non-irritant, hypoallergenic, helps to speed up absorption of ingredients in skincare products. 

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